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Rails says, "Missing pdf-writer" when pdf-writer is unpacked in vendor/gems

September 01, 2010
Issue: *"Missing these required gems: pdf-writer = 1.1.8"* config/environment.rb: ---ruby config.gem "pdf-writer", :lib => "pdf/writer", :version => '1.1.8' --- That looks write... what's the issue? Turns out my new server didn't have the required dependencies. I added this above the config/gem line: --- ruby require...

Anthenticating against PayFlowPro for Rails with ActiveMerchant

July 29, 2010
Rails is fortunate to have ActiveMerchant, a gem that provides a standard interface for billing. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of gateways out there and each has their own "uniqueness." I experienced PayFlowPro's "uniqueness" today and thought I would share my now-working spike code. THE PARTNER FIELD The partner field below is...

Triangles and Chat Bubbles with pure CSS

July 22, 2010
This is pretty awesome. Now if only it worked in IE. :(

Automated Testing for Infrastrure

July 20, 2010
I have a client whose website is subject to HIPAA regulations. I just finished setting up SSL for them. I also set up redirects so that: => => It all works now. Unfortunately, I've become accustomed to the feeling of security that I get from...

HTML5 GeoLocation Accuracy

July 15, 2010
I spent some time looking in to HTML5 features this morning. The first one on the list is GeoLocation. This demo gave a position within a block of my house: Interestingly, when I went to visit the page again, it located me within feet of my previous house, more than 500 miles away. According to the Chrome...

validates_uniqueness_of results in " undefined method `text?' for nil:NilClass "

July 07, 2010
I had the following model: --- ruby class Visit < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :visit_type belongs_to :patient validates_presence_of :visit_type validates_presence_of :patient validates_presence_of :date validates_uniqueness_of :visit_type end --- I changed :visit_type to :visit_type_id and it went away.

Web Dev Tools - Color Scheme Designer

July 05, 2010
"Color Scheme Designer": As any of my clients will tell you, my design skill falls somewhere between "enh" and "meh." Fortunately, someone smarter than me has found some math that can help. I use this tool to find colors that match the existing colors. Once I've found a set of colors that...

MySQL says " Incorrect column specifier for column 'x' "

June 28, 2010
My rails app uses a database of dubious origin, so I wasn't shocked when I had issues. Because I imported the database from sql, I first noticed the issue when running tests. Tests start with rake db:test:clone which starts by regenerating db/schema.rb using rake db:schema:dump My db/schema.rb then contained columns like...