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A Tale of Two Git Tags

August 26, 2009
Git's documentation is pretty lacking. I was looking for information about git's tags and found a fantastic explaination-by-demonstration at (not sure how they got what should have been my domain.) "Git Tag does wrong thing by default":

Gem::Exception: can't activate , already activated x

August 05, 2009
I recently saw this exception: ** /config/../vendor/rails/railties/lib/rails/gem_dependency.rb:101:in `specification':Gem::Exception: can't activate , already activated *gem_name* This exception seemed to be the result of several problems intermingling: 1. rake gems:install wouldn't work because the config.gem statements were in...

Award: Top 25 Web Developers for July 2009

August 02, 2009
I'll admit upfront that this is such a small compliment it may not be worth a post... but small compliments are still nice to receive. Thanks to all my clients for good feedback and interesting work. !! I continue to think that, while being productive is important, frequent,...

Why I Love Using User Stories

July 14, 2009
A few days ago, someone on the business side of our project created a task in the system with a single sentence: Add Flash to front page. This requirement is, in many ways, the exact opposite of useful. Here are some concerns: * What is the business value? * What is the audience? * What will it do? * There is no predefined "done." * How big...

Polymorphic Associations in Rails using xid ( ids unique across the system )

July 01, 2009
On a recent project, the tech-savvy client told me we would be using xids. These are different from regular IDs in that they are a unique identifier across the domain. So, if you create a user with the ID 1000, then you create a ticket, it would have the id 1001, and then when you created some other object, it would have the id 1002. His...

[link] Anti-IF Campaign

June 18, 2009
"Anti-If Campaign": "Avoid dangerous IFs and use Object Oriented Principles to build a code that is flexible, changeable and easily testable, and will get rid of a lot of headaches and weekends spent debugging!" I don't necessarily agree that if statements are _dangerous_. Actually, having read what seems to be...

Rails says, "Undefined method 'call' for SomeController"

June 04, 2009
20 minutes of my life were lost because I hand-generated a controller. If your controller looks like this: ---ruby class SomeController end --- it should look like this: ---ruby class SomeController < ApplicationController end --- :) Ruby's case operator === behaved badly

May 29, 2009
This is a follow-up to a previous post about the Ruby case operator, ===. I previously understood that, for a === b where a is a class, the result would be b.class.ancestors.include?(a) when a is an instance, the result would be a == b This proves true for many examples. ---ruby >> 3.class.ancestors.all? {|a| a === 3} =>...