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Results-Only Interface with Quest via SOAP / HL7

February 20, 2014
Just as a note, SOAP is not only very painful to use, but it's a system that uses HTTP, but ignores all the value you get from HTTP. There are dramatically better options. Check out ( by Steve Klabnik. I acknowledge that there is some value is being able to validate messages. But it doesn't, IMO,...

Search w/ Dynamic Options via collection+json

February 11, 2014
We're searching for people using 'location', 'radius', and 'specialization' fields. Since collection+JSON apparently doesn't provide a mechanism for delivering options like the HTML tag ``, we've forked the Ruby gem for collection+JSON and added that feature: ( Given I am an anonymous...

reverse lookup which package caused a file to exist

December 11, 2013
jw@logopolis:~$ sudo dpkg -S /lib/init/ initscripts: /lib/init/ cool. /hattip glitsj16 on #ubuntu

sending parameters with brackets [ ] via AngularJS

December 06, 2013
I want an AngularJS controller to POST to a Rails endpoint with parameters like { 'item': '32.50' } and have Rails see it as "item" => {"price": "32.50"}. This works perfectly well in normal HTML... it's not clear why it isn't working in Angular. Via HTTP ---------- It works in a normal HTML form: submitting this form, we...

Evolving thoughts about JSON APIs 2: a reason for collection+json

November 25, 2013
This is a follow-up to ( cJ is short for collection+JSON because lazy. Reasons for cJ --------------- Although I normally develop full-stack applications, I was contracted to implement a new API using a somewhat consistent pattern and was getting some positive feedback about...

installing rubinius + puma on EC2 with Amazon Linux

October 24, 2013
I have been struggling to get this to work, so I thought I would start fresh and write down the process in order to avoid making random decisions. Overview ---------- * install rubinius * install bundler * install MySQL * cap deploy:setup * cap deploy * puma . # see it work at all * get puma to run as a service Install...

Evolving thoughts about building APIs

October 18, 2013
Ever since I saw him speak about the subject at RubyConf 2011, I have been fascinated by Steve Klabnik's ideas about Hypermedia APIs. I have been keeping up with his evolving book on the subject, "Designing Hypermedia APIs": and have enjoyed it. A new client is asking me to design an API. I started with...

Attempting to acknowledge Quest Diagnostics results

September 09, 2013
I am successfully retrieving HL7 messages, including data and embedded PDF, via Ruby. I wish I had kept better notes... so I'm doing that now. My current challenge is to send an ACK message. I can tell that the people at Quest were very satisfied with their recent guidance to me, which I can fairly summarize as: Oh, you were using our...