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The Best Way to Make It More Complicated

October 03, 2007
The project is large. Its scope seems monumental. Decisions are made with the best of intentions. This will make things easier / better / more efficient. Time is the great unit test. Implications are felt. Things snowball. The path becomes wearisome. Investments have been made. Goldberg-style fixes are implemented. Let's just get through...

The Monster Controller

June 01, 2007
OUR PREDICAMENT There is a controller I loath. I am reticent to touch it. It makes me think of the word quagmire. Every action is mired in a maze of tangled other actions, blocks, loops, cryptic hacks, and more. The views are a nightmare of fragmented, over ajaxified junk. It is the Time Entry controller. When we started this project, none...

Built to Last

January 07, 2007
I'm reading a book called "Built to Last": . The book details a several-year-long research process into why some of the best companies in the country are what they are. It's a fascinating read. One of the primary factors they point to is that the best companies often...