Rails says, "Missing pdf-writer" when pdf-writer is unpacked in vendor/gems

By: Johnathon Wright on: September 01, 2010

Issue: "Missing these required gems: pdf-writer = 1.1.8"

config/environment.rb: ---ruby

config.gem "pdf-writer", :lib => "pdf/writer", :version => '1.1.8'

That looks write... what's the issue? Turns out my new server didn't have the required dependencies.

I added this above the config/gem line:

--- ruby

require "#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/gems/pdf-writer-1.1.8/lib/pdf/writer.rb"

and saw:

no such file to load -- color

no such file to load -- transaction-simple # after fixing color

the fixes:

gem install color

gem install transaction-simple

remove the require line, and voila!


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