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Finding false negatives / false positives in unit tests

October 08, 2012
I get a lot of confidence from seeing my tests fail, then pass. Recently I wondered whether I shouldn't be codifying that. Just because I saw it fail initially doesn't mean I'm not getting a false positive now. *Caution: this is purely theoretical. It's worth exploring on a blog, but the agile part of me realizes that I rarely have issues...

The Somewhat-Extremely-Helpful inverse_of Option

October 04, 2012
Let's say you have the following association set up: --- class Route < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :appointments, :inverse_of => :route # long live the hash rocket! end class Appointment < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :route, :inverse_of => :appointments end --- the 'inverse-of' option is supposed to prevent...

Introduction to HL7 Messages for Developers

September 11, 2012
The kinds of HL7 records I will be receiving look something like this: ---hl7 MSH|^~\&|GHH LAB|ELAB-3|GHH OE|BLDG4|200202150930||ORU^R01|CNTRL-3456|P|2.4 PID|||555-44-4444||EVERYWOMAN^EVE^E^^^^L|JONES|19620320|F|||153 FERNWOOD DR.^ ...

Patterns with Valuable - the ModelSearch

August 24, 2012
I find that I write a lot of "advanced search" stuff, and that modeling an advanced search, and having that be in a separate class, is very good for my sanity. h2. DataSearch model The schema is below if you're interested. These models usually start in lib, and then move to app/search once I have four or five. ``` describe DataSearch do it...

Great Interfaces: The Scale of the Universe

February 11, 2012 I love how much information is communicated in such a simple interface. I also like the fact that data appears when it is needed, but doesn't clutter up the screen when it is not needed.

cucumber says, "no such file to load -- spec/expectations"

September 13, 2011
Setting up a Rails3 application quickly, I ran in to this error... no such file to load -- spec/expectations easy fix... I had gem 'rspec' but needed to add gem 'rspec-rails'

Funniest irrelevant argument ever

May 22, 2011
From "Use Mercurial, you Git!": "If I'd wanted building blocks for rolling my own, I'd have gone to Home Depot and bought a 1 and a 0."

MySQL permissions for a Rails app

May 21, 2011
Here's how I typically setup my rails environments. NOTE: I don't include stored procedure or view permissions because Rails doesn't ever use those. Wouldn't it be great if Rails used views or stored procedures? Actually, I kinda like it the way it is. Stored Procedures are nice but the tradeoff, IE having business logic in the app and in the...