koding.com advice on being a great consultant

By: Johnathon Wright on: November 29, 2012


I thought this post was insightful, if repetitive. I recognized just about all of the issues discussed as things that have been problems for me at some point.

  • The need for professionalism ** If you're being paid, it isn't a hobby. Act professionally. ** Don't disappear. ** Communicate early and often. ** Coworkers and clients should rarely know you work from home... ie avoid "hold on, neighbor is at the door." or "my wife wants me to ______" ( still struggling to get the wife to accept this one. ) ** no one is watching you, so you have to be that much more vigilant about not skipping work, not being sloppy, etc.

  • Balance passion for work with a consultant's distance ** don't fall in love with your task list. ** Have great ideas, but don't be upset if the client goes a different direction. It's their money.

  • Consultants must balance home and work ** stick to an 8-ish hour day whenever possible ** Rest on weekends.

  • Get things done, but done well. Don't seek perfection, but don't commit junk. After reading "Good to Great", I am fascinated with the idea that tension is a critical part of all good decisions.


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