installing rubinius + puma on EC2 with Amazon Linux

By: Johnathon Wright on: October 24, 2013

I have been struggling to get this to work, so I thought I would start fresh and write down the process in order to avoid making random decisions.


  • install rubinius
  • install bundler
  • install MySQL
  • cap deploy:setup
  • cap deploy
  • puma . # see it work at all
  • get puma to run as a service

Install Rubinius

options: * install MRI and then install Rubinius * install Rubinius via rvm, chruby, rbenv, etc.

I use rvm in dev. I honestly don't know the implications of running rubinius / puma via rvm, chruby, etc., and was not able to get any useful information from #rubinius. For now, since I'm comfortable with it, I'm going with rvm.

get puma to run as a service



Gist: 'Puma + Nginx + Capistrano


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