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TDD with .NET - object validation

December 19, 2008
Using the code from the "Introduction to TDD": post, I now want the Name object to tell me whether or not it is valid. Let's suppose that the business rule is that names must have a first and last name. I add this to the Name class: ---csharp         public bool...

Ruby Case Statement comparison ... a feature, not a bug :)

November 26, 2008
I accidentally discovered an unintuitive aspect of Ruby case statements. I can't decide whether it's a bug or a feature, or both. This code results in 'failure' ---ruby case Integer when Integer   'success' else   'failure' end --- whereas this code results in 'success' ---ruby case 3 when Integer   'success' else   'failure' end --- Ruby...

Ruby Heredoc Substitute - happiness through readability

October 01, 2008
Sometimes you just have a paste a crazy-long string into your code. I find myself doing this often when it comes to testing. It might even have single and double quotes, so it's awkward to put quotes around the area and escape the quotes. One solution is Ruby's implementation of the heredoc. Essentially, you're saying, "This is a string. Go...

Website Vital Signs

July 16, 2008
Here's a list I'm keeping of website Vital Signs I want to implement in my "Ruby Website Telemetry": application: Database -- Primary / Backup / Reporting Database Availability -- Queries per Second -- Average Query Time -- Sort Buffer Size -- Query Cache Hit Ratio -- Thread...

Ruby Website Telemetry

July 10, 2008
from Telemetry on Wikipedia: *Telemetry* is a "technology": that allows the remote measurement and reporting of "information": of interest to the system designer or operator. The word is derived from "Greek": roots _tele_...

ThoughtWorks Orientation

March 29, 2008
I've taken a position as an "application developer" with ThoughtWorks US. I'll be based out of their Atlanta office. I'm in Chicago having been through two days of meetings with People Support (human resources ++ ), People Development ( training ++ ), accounting, recruiting, and a whole host of others. Our group of eight lateral (ie not fresh...

So long, Praeses

February 29, 2008
I'm no longer working at Praeses in Shreveport. Although the circumstances surrounding my exit have been difficult, the experience was good for me. I met some incredibly friendly and effective people. I've experienced genuine concern for my professional development, and friendship. I've experienced failures and success. I've had some negative...

Quote of the Conference

January 14, 2008
My favorite quote from the AltDotNet conference in Austin: --- "All you've got to do is write the documentation that distracts the SOX guys and you're good." --- I have no problems with documentation. My problem is with people who assume that if some documentation is good, lots of documentation is better.