ThoughtWorks Orientation

By: Johnathon Wright on: March 29, 2008

I've taken a position as an "application developer" with ThoughtWorks US. I'll be based out of their Atlanta office. I'm in Chicago having been through two days of meetings with People Support (human resources ++ ), People Development ( training ++ ), accounting, recruiting, and a whole host of others.

Our group of eight lateral (ie not fresh from college) new hires is a diverse, intelligent and amazing bunch. I'm thrilled to be part of them. It's exciting to be working at what seems like the "next level" of professionals.

I knew ThoughtWorks would be great for me. Over the past two days, I've really become even more excited about the processes in place here. The company seems to genuinely want what's best for their people. While a majority of companies say that, I've actually seen the infrastructure over the last few days to make be believe that this company is absolutely determined to deliver.


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