Ruby Website Telemetry

By: Johnathon Wright on: July 10, 2008

from Telemetry on Wikipedia:

Telemetry is a "technology": that allows the remote measurement and reporting of "information": of interest to the system designer or operator. The word is derived from "Greek": roots _tele = remote, and metron = measure.

Triage on production Ruby on Rails sites can be troublesome. There are a few tools that provide narrow visibility into the state of things, my MyTop.rb. However, this is the kind of radiator that you view only when you know you have a problem. This becomes somewhat dissatisfying when you are in charge of keeping things afloat. One starts to thing that a professional developer should be able to know when the website is broke before hearing about it from Level 2 Tech Support.

I've been craving something that would be more versatile in scope, more proactive and extensible.

In a seperate blog post, I'll be maintaining a list of vital signs that need implementing:

Roadmap: - First Test - Controller - Command Line UI - Web UI - History - Events - Notifications - email, web, sms?, jabber, growl?, beta_brite - Graphing - Notification Escalation - Nuisance Alarm Silencing - Recommendations / Fixes - AutoCorrection - Trending - RSS

Reference Sites: - - "Monitoring MySQL Performance":


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