The Best Way to Make It More Complicated

By: Johnathon Wright on: October 03, 2007

The project is large. Its scope seems monumental. Decisions are made with the best of intentions. This will make things easier / better / more efficient. Time is the great unit test. Implications are felt. Things snowball. The path becomes wearisome. Investments have been made. Goldberg-style fixes are implemented. Let's just get through this.

Someone suggests a change. Sometimes, in the midst of a journey, it is not time to turn around and go the other way. Sometimes, you must grin and try to cross the mountainous path because going back, although it seems like a more pleasant route, is traveling in the wrong direction.

Then there are rare opportunities to make good decisions.

Let's make the most of them. Wait for those opportunities, then ACT.


Just checking that you are human. What would be the result of this code?

a = 3*(4/2); b = 1; a+b