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Definition of "Legacy Code"

January 08, 2021
I had an interesting discussion with a client recently. I had used the word "legacy" to refer to parts of their codebase. They then repeated the word, but with somewhat more negative connotation. So I'm writing here to firm up my definition of what it means to be legacy. Here are some thoughts I got from a Slack channel: • it's not a good...

Programmer Architypes

November 30, 2020
In early 2004, Nikhil Kothari wrote about three personas Microsoft came up with while working on Visual Studio 2005. Mort, Elvis and Einstein. I have my own list. As a tech lead, I talk to my team about programmer architypes. We all have many traits within is... and these can be good when used at the right time, but bad when used at the wrong...

Executable Comments

October 07, 2020
One of the most important skills that differentiate an upper-mid-level developer from a lower-mid-level developer is the ability to write readable code. One strategy for increasing the readability of your code is to use something I've heard referred to as "executable comments" -- writing your code so that the variable names and structure give...