Testing the Health of a Rails App

By: Johnathon Wright on: October 27, 2022

When I start a new project, I want to know what areas are going to be problems -- what's the overall health of the app? Here are some searches that generally help me to determine this.

rake stats

0 to 30% test coverage -- not even trying 30% to 70% -- oof 70% to 120% -- ok to very good 120% + -- amazing / possibly excessive. :)

grep rescue app/controllers

This is a bad sign

grep rescue app/models

can be ok but can be a bad sign. More than 0.5 per model certainly problematic. That said, I have seen arguments that you should raise an error if someone passes in something problematic and then you might need to rescue and I can live with that.

grep sleep app/

Hopefully you don't see any results...


Just checking that you are human. What would be the result of this code?

a = 3*(4/2); b = 1; a+b

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