MySQL vs PostgresQL: Pros and Cons for Default Database

By: Johnathon Wright on: July 05, 2020

I start up a lot of software with a database for small to mid-size apps that don't particularly have any requirements that would lend themselves to using one or the other SQL database. I just have to pick one. Here are some things I've discovered that inform my thinking about which one to choose.

PostGresQL MySQL
Setup: Installation Seemed simple but apt installed a version that seemed to make odd permission decisions wizard walks you though decisions. Works well. No odd defaults. Other than a lack of timezones.
Setup Permissions they have their own system. When I asked support to explain, they said I was an idiot. typical sql permissions
Support Channel: Pros Willing to share if you ask your questions in exactly they way they want you to ask. Willing to share and help people work through problems, but often want people to create sqllint things, which is time consuming.
Support Channel: Cons more concerned with proving they are great than being helpful can be unresponsive
ID indexes Can lose track of which ID is next after bulk insert. There's a workaround. Hopefully it happens when an admin is monitoring. :`( always knows which id is next.
Geography I hear great things. Distance and other calculations can be done using equations. Gets complicated fairly quickly.

PostgresQL random failures

``` jw@logopolis:/projects/unity/bonsai$ docker-compose run web rake db:drop

Starting bonsaidb1 ... done

PG::ObjectInUse: ERROR: database "unity_dev" is being accessed by other users

DETAIL: There is 1 other session using the database.

: DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS "unity_dev" ```

Just trying to drop a database. Apparently previous attempts are still running?


Just checking that you are human. What would be the result of this code?

a = 3*(4/2); b = 1; a+b

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