Why Ruby Complains about Nested Parentheses

By: Johnathon Wright on: June 28, 2010

Every time a dev asks me why Ruby doesn't like nested arguments without parens, I draw a blank, but I swear that it's an issue.

Here's an example of the issue:

--- ruby

=link_to h @person.philosophy, @person.philosophy

it seems really obvious right now. I'm not sure why I can't think of that when it's clinch time. Anyway, this can be the obviously intended call:

--- ruby

=link_to( h( @person.philosophy ), @person.philosophy )

or the unfortunate( and invalid, since h takes 1 not 2 arguments )

--- ruby

=link_to( h( @person.philosophy, @person.philosophy ))


Just checking that you are human. What would be the result of this code?

a = 3*(4/2); b = 1; a+b