Getting started generating PDFs with Prince

By: Johnathon Wright on: June 11, 2010

Download and uncompress Prince:

jw@gallifrey:~$ curl -o prince.tar.gz % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 3879k 100 3879k 0 0 763k 0 0:00:05 0:00:05 --:--:-- 940k jw@gallifrey:~$ tar -xzf prince.tar.gz jw@gallifrey:~$ cd prince-7.1-linux/ jw@gallifrey:~/prince-7.1-linux$ ls jw@gallifrey:~/prince-7.1-linux$ lib LICENSE README jw@gallifrey:~/prince-7.1-linux$ sudo ./ Prince 7.1

Install directory This is the directory in which Prince 7.1 will be installed. Press Enter to accept the default directory or enter an alternative. [/usr/local]:

Installing Prince 7.1... Creating directories... Installing files...

Installation complete. Thank you for choosing Prince 7.1, we hope you find it useful. Please visit for updates and development news.

Based on the "documentation":

jw@gallifrey:~/prince-7.1-linux$ prince http://app.local/reports/my_report.html -o /code/client/app/public/sample.pdf

IT WORKS! but it's kinda ugly.

add pdf.css based on the "boom microformat": ... add .cover-page, .chapter, .cover-notes, etc

---css @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.75in; }

p, .cover-notes { line-height: 1.7em; }

.titlepage, div.chapter, div.appendix { page-break-after: always; }

.titlepage { page: blank; margin: 1in 0.75in 0.75in; text-align: center; }

.document-heading { font-size: 0.5in; padding: 1in 0; }

.cover-notes{ font-size: 0.3in; }

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { page-break-after: avoid; }

h1 { string-set: document-heading content(); }

h2 { string-set: chapter-heading content(); }

q::before { content: "\201C" }

q::after { content: "\201D" }

/* This can be alternated so that left and right facing pages are opposites; In my case, this isn't useful, so I merged it to one. */

@page { @top-left { content: string(document-heading, first);; } @top-right { content: string(chapter-heading, first); } @bottom { content: counter(page); } }

/* don't show document title in the heading on the cover page. */ @page blank :right { @top-left { content: normal; }


jw@gallifrey:~/prince-7.1-linux$ prince http://app.local/reports/my_report.html -s http://app.local/stylesheets/pdf.css -o /code/client/app/public/sample.pdf

jw@gallifrey:~$ jw@gallifrey:~$ sudo gem install princely Successfully installed princely-1.2.5 1 gem installed


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