By: Johnathon Wright on: December 15, 2007

I'm working on a blog entry, or a speech for Shreveport Toastmasters, or whatever. I remember reading an interesting web page about this-that-or-the-other, and I can't find it.

That's weird, because I bookmark every interesting website I find, so I can find it again. Or, if I don't have time to read it but it looks interesting, I bookmark it. Which reminds me, I need to clean up that folder.

Anyway, I realize now that the document I want is at work. And, although it rarely happens, I turned off my computer at work on Friday in move to convince myself that "I'm not going to think about that this weekend." So now, I have another partially-finished blog entry, information I can't access, and I'm a little frustrated.

This used to happen with documents, too, but then I discovered "Google Docs":http://docs.google.com/ , and that issue has been pretty much totally resolved.

So, my new goal is to find some way to aggregate / unify my bookmarks. I want them in IE and firefox, at home and at the office, synced in real-time, backed-up and, if possible, available at a website so if I'm on the road, I can still get to them.

And if it was free, that would be best.


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